My GSoC 2012 Proposal

This is my first attempt at Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012. I will propose my project idea to SimpleCV. I think it would be useful if I share my proposal here whether it will be accepted or rejected. 🙂 Anyway, you can find it [here].

Below is the quote from Anthony (one of the developers for SimpleCV) in pythonvision at googlegroups dot com. I would like to post it here, so readers can get the idea what SimpleCV is.

SimpleCV wrappers OpenCV amongst others. If you are new to computer vision it is probably worth a look as we have a bunch of examples:

To be honest, that's how the whole SimpleCV project started. We got sick of their not being documentation, and were using other tools like ipython, etc, that we wanted integrated.  We have also written our own blob detection library because we got sick of compile errors and having to use cvblob as a dependency.

We have a long way to go, and for seasoned vision programmers SimpleCV is probably not the route you want to go, if you are beginner it's definitely easier to get up and running.  I wrote an article about the differences recently and I welcome any feedback:

I think people get the misconception we are trying to replace opencv, and by no means is the case. We label ourselves as a framework not as a library.  Think of us as a jquery or rails (ruby on rails) for vision. 🙂