List of conferences to go

I put the list of conferences related to my research (mostly in computer vision) here. Hopefully, I can get accepted from one of them.

  1. CVPR (IEEE Conf on Comp Vision and Pattern Recognition)
  2. ICCV (Intl Conf on Computer Vision)
  3. ICML (Intl Conf on Machine Learning)
  4. IPCV (Intl Conf on Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition)
  5. ICPR (Intl Conf on Pattern Recognition)
  6. ECML (European Conf on Machine Learning)
  7. ICIP (Intl Conf on Image Processing)
  8. ECCV (European Conference on Computer Vision)
  9. ACCV (Asian Conference on Computer Vision)
  10. ACIVS (Intl Conference on Advanced Concepts For Intelligent Vision Systems)

Order by their rankings according to Computer Science Conference Ranking. This might not be updated, but I believe it won't change too much though.

I also include some conferences which are not in that ranking, but interesting to go.

  • ICVS (International Conference on Computer Vision Systems)
  • VISAPP (International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications)